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Dashboards and reporting

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  • Dashboards
    Dashboards are used to present all your monitoring data in an organized way. Learn how to use them and create custom report tiles to make your own dashboards.
  • Exports and scheduled reports
    Data that is present in your dashboards can be exported and send by email using scheduled reports.
  • Integrations
    There are many different ways of notifying people or systems about the fact that an alert has occurred in Uptrends. The different options are defined in integrations. The default integrations are phone (voice), sms and email messages. There are also integrations with third party systems like Slack or Microsoft Teams, as well as custom integrations that you can build based on a template or completely from scratch. Check out the KB articles below to find the integration you need and how to implement it.
  • Public status pages
    Create public status pages.
  • SLA
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