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Dashboards and reporting

When monitoring your servers or services lots of data is collected about their performance. You have several options to work with this data.

Probably the most popular and straightforward way to view your data is on dashboards. There are some preconfigured dashboards but you can also create user-defined dashboards with the dashboard tiles that best fit your needs.

A special preconfigured dashboard that should be mentioned is the SLA overview dashboard which you can reach by navigation to Dashboards > Synthetics > SLA overview. It provides an overview of all statistics for the SLAs (service level agreements) that you have configured.

If you want to show your data externally (outside your Uptrends account), you may use public status pages which are a specific kind of dashboards designed for publishing data.

In addition to viewing data on dashboards, you can also export the data as reports in PDF or XLS format, and even schedule these reports to be mailed.

Are you working with Grafana to visualize your data? Uptrends offers an integration with Grafana to easily show Uptrends data in a Grafana environment.

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