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Adding a custom report tile

To add a report tile to a custom dashboard:

  1. (Optional) If your custom dashboard is not open yet, go to Dashboards > Custom dashboards and click on your dashboard’s name.

  2. If you want to add a new tile to your dashboard, go to the hamburger menu at the top right of the dashboard and select Add tile.

  3. If your dashboard has empty tiles (placeholders) that you want to configure, click on any given tile marked Click to display data here. screenshot of empty tile

  4. A prompt will appear, offering a variety of dashboard tile reports to choose from. Select the tile type you want to add and click Next.
    If you need help choosing the tile type, we recommend reading the knowledge base article Custom report tiles.

  5. Select the monitor(s) or monitor group(s) that you wish to view data for within the tile. You can always change this later. When you have selected the appropriate monitor(s), click Finish.

The tile content is now displayed. You may continue to fill out the rest of your dashboard tiles or add new ones by repeating the steps above.

Important: Your new tiles will not automatically be saved to your dashboard. Whenever you make any changes to individual tiles or the dashboard, be sure to save them using the Save button above your dashboard.
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