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Unless you're serving up a static brochure website, your website or web service depends on a database to retrieve content, manage users, or process orders. Knowing your database response times can help you avoid catastrophe. Using Uptrends' database server monitors, you can always know when your database is in trouble.

Uptrends will use its 223 checkpoints to monitor your database server externally.

Note: If your database doesn't have Internet exposure, you can't use this monitor type. However, you can monitor servers behind your firewall with Uptrends Infra.

How does it work?

With Uptrends' database monitoring, you can monitor Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL. The Uptrends checkpoints will attempt to establish a connection to the IP address and database you specify on the Advanced tab, and if you provide login credentials, the checkpoint will attempt a successful login. Besides the response times you specify on the Error conditions tab, Uptrends will trigger an alert for failed or lost connections.

Note: Concerned about security and sharing your database authentication information? Read up on how Uptrends keeps your login credentials safe: Encryption and your website's security.