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  • Clearing Errors
    Is it possible to clear an error? It is possible to clear individual monitor errors (both unconfirmed and confirmed) which are deemed incorrect or unwanted, by using the Clear Error button in the Monitor Check Details popup. The error will be changed to an OK result, which is immediately visible in the Monitor Log dashboard. The appropriate uptime% data will also be changed, though it is possible that caching may delay the visibility of the change.
  • Error Types
    An overview of Uptrends error types
  • Unconfirmed and Confirmed Errors
    One of the highlights of using Uptrends for server and website monitoring is its ability to keep your team apprised of downtime or performance related events. But what exactly makes an error unconfirmed or confirmed? The difference between an unconfirmed/confirmed errors An unconfirmed error is an error that has been reported after checking a monitor from one checkpoint location, but has yet to be verified by a second checkpoint location.
  • Working with Error Snapshots
    So, your website is down, but you don’t know why. You log into your Uptrends Website Monitoring account, and you deduce that users may be experiencing a connection error. But how? By checking your Monitor Error Details and Error Snapshots, of course! What is an Error Snapshot? An Error Snapshot is a screenshot grabbed by the Uptrends service to show you what your users may be experiencing in-browser when a problem is occurring.
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