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Setting up an SFTP monitor

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SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) is the standard file transfer protocol. SFTP is used to securely transfer files between two computers. Uptrends allows you to monitor your SFTP server for enhanced security and performance.

How do I set up an SFTP monitor?

To create an SFTP monitor, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Add monitor option from the Monitors menu.
  2. Select the SFTP monitor type in the Advanced checks section of the Type box.
  3. Specify the properties of the new SFTP monitor (like you would for any other monitor, but if you need help with basic monitor setup visit the Uptrends Academy).
  4. Click to open the Advanced tab.
  5. Choose an option in the Action box (for details about the available actions visit the overview page)
  6. Provide the file name or relevant path in the File path box if you chose to download or verify a file.
  7. Specify the User name and Password, if using authentication.
  8. Click Save.
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