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API for accessing your data

The Uptrends Infra API allows you to programmatically obtain measured data in your account, like device statuses and sensor values. The API is a web service that is located at


To use the Uptrends Infra API you need the following:

  1. The username and password of an Uptrends Infra user.
  2. Access to the API webservice (

Accessing the API

The API can be accessed at the specified base URL using the HTTPS protocol.

All API operations require HTTP Basic Authentication to get access to the information. All API operations require an API account. You can obtain an API account by using the Register operation, described in paragraph 2.5 of the API documentation.

Please note that all operations are executed within the authorization context of the user who created the API account. Therefore, you can perform the same actions as the user would be able to, when logged into the website.


A full description of the available operations can be found in the API documentation.