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Your account comes with many different dashboards, right out of the box. These dashboards offer different views on your data, and cater to how you want to look at your infrastructure’s performance data, whether it’s for quick inspection or deep, interactive analysis.

Each dashboard is also suitable for continuous monitoring, allowing your Operations department to have up-to-date information on their wall display. We encourage you to browse through the different dashboards in your account:

  • Status dashboards: show the status and key sensor information for all your groups and devices, and any alerts that are currently active.
  • Analysis dashboards: let you find detailed information about the sensor measurements, as well as the uptime for your devices.
  • Error dashboards: display several insights into any errors we detected, according to the sensor thresholds you set.
  • Custom dashboards: Perhaps you would like to have a couple of dashboards that show a different setup than our default dashboards are offering? No problem! You can copy and modify existing ones or build your own dashboards from scratch, choosing from a large range of different tiles, which are the building blocks for your dashboards. Choose any combination of our self-updating lists, data grids, charts and other specialized tiles for displaying your data, in the layout that is suitable for you.

Do you want to modify an existing dashboard? Make a copy by clicking Save as from the hamburger menu, then make your changes and save them. Your own dashboards show up under Dashboards > My dashboards.

Ready to start building a new dashboard? Click Dashboards > Create new dashboard, add some tiles and arrange them in any way you like!

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