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Devices and sensors

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  • Managing the security credentials for devices
    Each device you create in your account is monitored by an agent. That agent is running under the security credentials you provided during the installation of that agent. By default, we use the agent’s account to get access to the devices in your network. However, you may want to use different credentials and use them for monitoring specific devices. By adding additional sets of credentials to an agent, those credentials become available for the devices of that agent.
  • Using WMI to monitor Windows services
    You can use Uptrends Infra to watch the state of any Windows Service. This allows you to monitor that particular services are still running on your Windows server or PC, including IIS/WWW services, SQL Server Agent service, SMTP service or any other service you installed, or that was already part of the operating system. Adding a WMI sensor The following instructions show how to use the built-in WMI sensor to retrieve and monitor the running state of a service on a Windows machine.
  • Windows failover cluster monitoring
    Clusters can be an extremely powerful tool for IT administrators to ensure application availability and performance. However, if left unmonitored, a well-performing cluster can easily obscure any hardware or software failures that degrade the cluster’s redundancy. Accurate monitoring of cluster health is therefore crucial in maintaining added value. Uptrends Infra now provides powerful tools to keep track of your Windows Failover Cluster, allowing you to preemptively fix problems before your users notice anything is wrong.
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