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Managing the security credentials for devices

Each device you create in your account is monitored by an agent. That agent is running under the security credentials you provided during the installation of that agent. By default, we use the agent’s account to get access to the devices in your network.

However, you may want to use different credentials and use them for monitoring specific devices. By adding additional sets of credentials to an agent, those credentials become available for the devices of that agent.

Adding extra credentials for monitoring a device

  1. Go to the agent that will be monitoring your device. Go to Infrastructure > Show agents and choose the appropriate agent.
  2. The credentials that are currently available for this agent, are listed in the Credentials section on the General tab. To add a new set of credentials, click the Add credentials button.
  3. Please provide a descriptive name for the new credentials, as well as the appropriate username and password. We will store the credentials securely as soon as you save them.
  4. Now edit the device that should use the new credentials. In the Credentials field of the device properties, choose the credentials you just created.
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