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Setting up your mail server monitors isn't much different than setting up your other monitor types. For a review on how to set up a new monitor, visit the Uptrends Academy. To set up a mail server monitor:

  1. Select +Add Monitor from Monitors on the Main menu.
  2. Select either SMTP, IMAP, or POP3 from the Type box.
  3. Give your monitor a Name.
  4. Set the Check frequency.
  5. Select the Enabled and Generate alerts check boxes, if not already selected.
  6. Provide either the IP address or the domain name for your mail server in the Network address box.
  7. Verify that the Port number is correct.
  8. Click Save.

With this basic setup, Uptrends will send you alerts if your server ever becomes unavailable. You can also use the Error conditions tab to set alerts for response time, and you can provide authentication information on the Advanced tab if you would like Uptrends to attempt to log into the server (learn how Uptrends protects your authentication information).