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Browser types

You can configure a Full Page Check (FPC) to use one of several available browsers. The Browser type setting can be found in both the Main and Advanced tabs of the monitor settings. The following browsers are available:

  • Chrome with extra metrics
  • Chrome standard
  • Microsoft Edge

Uptrends keeps the browsers up to date on the checkpoints, so your check will typically be executed in the latest version available for the selected browser.

Note: If you want to monitor how your website behaves on a mobile device, you have to adjust the user agent on the monitor’s Advanced tab.

Extra metrics

As an addition on top of some standard measurements Uptrends offers additional information, such as W3C navigation timings, Core Web Vitals, timeline screenshots, and more detailed element-level information including protocol version and TLS info. See the knowledge base article Extra metrics and features for a full description.

The extra metrics are available for the browser types:

  • Chrome with extra metrics
  • Microsoft Edge
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