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Error conditions - Page load time

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When defining error conditions for your monitors, you have the option to set load time limits. The load time is the amount of time the check took from initial request until the check is complete. You can enter two load time limits: a lower limit for when the load time duration becomes a concern and a higher limit for when the load time duration becomes critical.

Note: Uptrends bases load time on the time the test took from the request until the test completes. This time is different based on the type of monitor. The load time for a basic check is very different from the load time of a real browser check for the same URL. Learn more about the difference between basic and real browser checks.

While other error conditions always generate an error when the condition is met, the page load time can be set up to generate an error or just indicate the situation by showing a color code on the Monitor status dashboard. Keep in mind that if you want to use the alerting functionality you need to generate errors from this error condition.

Adding a check for load times

To add a new check for the load times:

  1. Go to Monitoring > Monitor setup.
  2. Click on the monitor’s name to edit it.
  3. Open the Error conditions tab and expand the Check page load time section. screenshot error condition for page load times
  4. Choose if you want to use only color-coding (Monitor status dashboard) or to generate an error.
  5. Fill in the values (in milliseconds) for the lower (concern) and higher (critical) load time limits.
  6. Click the Save button to save all changes in the monitor.

Only color-code

If you have chosen the option Only color-code for one or both load time limits, the Monitor status dashboard will indicate that the load time limits were reached. If the lower limit (concern threshold) is exceeded, the value appears with a yellow background in the Total time column, and when the higher limit (critical threshold) is exceeded, the load time appears with a red background. You can open the Monitor status dashboard by going to the menu Monitoring > Status details.

screenshot Monitor status dashboard with color codes

You will notice that in the Monitor status dashboard above there are two monitors that show a total time in yellow and red, but the error indicator on the left still appears green for successful tests. This is the result of using the option Only color-code.

Generate error

If you want to generate alerts based on the page load times, you have to use the option Generate error in the error condition. Only when errors are being generated, alerts can be generated subsequently. The knowledge base article Alerting overview explains in details how the sequence from monitor checks to alerts is working.

When choosing the Generate error option you still get the color coding of the load times on the Monitor status dashboard.

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