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Staging mode, as we talked about in the Monitor Mode article, is a great way to test your monitors without them influencing your uptime and SLA data. Also, Staging mode doesn't send out alerts. The monitors take measurements and work like any other monitor in production mode, but you just don't need to worry about them messing with your reporting. Let's take a look at how monitors in staging mode appear in your reporting.

How does staging mode affect my Availability and Errors dashboards?

When you select an option from the Availability and Errors dashboards menu, you will see data for your monitors in staging mode, but:

  • Data gathered for monitors in staging mode do not contribute to reporting for downtime, check count, error counts; and,
  • Like a disabled monitor, the uptime reported is always 100% for the time you have the monitor in staging mode.

How does staging mode affect my Performance dashboards?

When you select an option from the Performance dashboards, you will see that Uptrends includes the measurements for the:

  • Resolve,
  • Connect,
  • Download, and
  • Total time.

How does Staging mode affect my Monitor log?

Your check results from your monitors in Staging mode do show up in your Monitor log. Uptrends marks checks conducted while in Staging mode with a conical flask icon. 

How does Staging mode affect my SLA reports?

In your SLA reports, Uptrends reports a monitor in staging mode the same way as it does for a disabled monitor with 100% uptime and zero confirmed errors and downtime. The SLA reports do not include any errors or downtime generated by a monitor while in staging mode.