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Operators are the user accounts in the Uptrends app. They are managed by an administrator and each operator belongs to at least one operator group. Operators have their own login credentials unless they are using single sign-on as only login option. The administrator has access to all settings for the operator and the operator may adjust a few of them, e.g. the language, timezone or default dashboard, to their preference.

First you need to know where and how to add new operators or operator groups in general. Check out the lesson Adding operators and operator groups to get started with the basics.

When you have added a new operator you’ll reach the operator settings page which has several tabs for the configuration of the user account. Check out the following KB articles to find out about the related settings.

Main — contact details, login info, and personal settings like the default dashboard or timezone are explained in the KB article Main settings.

Off-duty schedules — off-duty schedules for operators are discussed in Duty schedules.

Member of — you can find background info in Operator groups and Operator admin rights.

Permissions — holds the configuration of who will be able to access what, which is explained in the article Permissions.

Within the Uptrends application, you can find the User management hub for a quick and easy overview of the operators in your account.

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