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Main operator settings

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When you have added an operator you have to configure a number of settings, starting with setttings on the Main tab of the operator page. The options are described in this article. You have to have administrator rights to add and configure operators.

Login information

Operator setup — you can decide, whether you set up the new operator manually (within the Uptrends app) or you send an invitation and leave it to the new operator to fill in their own credentials.

Note: Operators that use single sign-on (SSO) cannot be added by invitation. Use the manual account setup instead.

The invitation is sent by email, using the Email setting of the Login information and it contains a link, which the new user can click to set their password. An invitation is valid for 21 days. After that, the link in the invitation expires.

You can resend an invitation, for example if you want to send the new operator a reminder that they still have to activate their account or in case the invitation has expired.

On the operator settings page you can see the status of the invitation.

Another option to check the status of the invitation is to look on the operators page, which you find by going to Account setup > Operators. The operators page has a column showing information about the user’s last login and the status of (pending) invitations. It is called Last login and can have the values:

  • Timestamp of the last login — The account was activated and used.
  • Invited — The invitation was sent and is still valid.
  • Invitation expired — The invitation was sent but 21 days passed before the user clicked the link in the email.
  • None — The invitation was accepted by clicking the link, but the user hasn’t logged in since then.

If you have chosen Manual account setup you have to fill in the password for the operator and communicate it afterwards. There is no email send automatically in this case.

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