So, you’re ready to start monitoring additional websites, servers, transactions, and other web services, but you need more monitors and message credits to really get going.

What should you do?

Add more monitors and message credits, of course! Here’s how to do it:

How do I add extra monitors or message credits?

There are two ways that you can add additional monitors or message credits:

  1. Contact Us
    If you are currently subscribed and would like to make sure that you get the appropriate number of extra monitors/message credits for a competitive rate, please contact your sales representative directly, or file a ticket.

  2. Add through the application
    1. Login and navigate to the Buy Extra Monitors page, located in the Account menu.
    2. You will then have the option to increase the number of monitors and message credits for your account.
    3. Once you have selected your options, you will be asked to confirm with your payment information.