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  • Calculation of uptime and downtime
    How do you calculate the uptime of your monitor based on check results and how do paused monitors or maintenance affect this calculation?
  • Data Retention
    Collecting large quantities of data is essential to maximizing your website, server, and web application potential, but all that collection is for naught if you can’t retain data over time. The products Uptrends Synthetics, Uptrends Real User Monitoring, and Uptrends Infra collect different types of data. Uptrends offers long-term data retention for paid subscription plans so that you can get the most out of your monitoring data. The retention time varies depending on the type of data and your subscription plan.
  • Explanation of Total Time Metrics
    One of the most useful functions of the Uptrends service is the ability to hone in on your website, server, and web application uptime and performance data. But sometimes it can be tough to know just what this data actually represents! Below you’ll learn about the different “Total Time Metrics,” and what they actually mean: Resolve Resolve Time is the time that it takes to translate a domain name or URL to a corresponding IP address.
  • Stop receiving a scheduled report
    If you no longer want to receive a scheduled report, you can either deactivate the report or remove yourself from the recipient list.
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