Collecting large quantities of uptime and performance data is essential to maximizing your website, server, and web application potential, but all that collection is for naught if it can’t be retained over time.

Uptrends offers long-term data retention for paid users, so they can get the most out of their monitoring data.

How long are individual monitor measurements available?

The Uptrends service maintains the individual monitor measurements of paid customers for 90 days, including data like:

  • Individual monitor check data
  • Monitor check screenshots
  • FPC waterfall data
  • Transaction detail data
  • ..and more

How long is the statistical data available?

Statistical data is available for up to 2 years after it is collected, for paid customers. This data includes what you typically see in charts and graphs, such as:

  • Average uptime%
  • Average load time
  • Calculated SLA data
  • ..and more

How long are previously generated scheduled reports available?

Historical data for generated reports will be available for up to 2 years for paid customers. This includes:

  • PDF reports
  • Excel reports
  • E-mail reports

This data can be downloaded within the History tab of any given scheduled report.

How long is the detailed FPC+ data available?

FPC+ (or Full Page Check +) data is maintained and available for paid customers for up to 21 days from the initial data collection date.