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Impact of the RUM script on your website

You may already have a fair number of scripts on your site, and wanting to collect RUM data means adding another script to the pages of your site. However, we’ve put a number of things in place to ensure that the impact of having yet another script on your site is reduced to virtually zero. Most importantly, the tiny script we need you to insert in your web pages will perform its work asynchronously. This means that it will not cause any delays in loading or rendering your page in the browser: there is no impact on the perceived load time of your site.

Next, we’ve made sure that the additional script we need to load will come from a location very close to where your end users are located. We have multiple locations across most continents, which will minimize latency to a minimum. As your users browse through your site, the browser will send back the data it collects to the same location, ensuring that the data gets delivered quickly using the same connection without causing any delays.

Lastly, we use an HTTPS connection by default to load and send data. However, if your site is typically loaded over HTTP and you feel you want to avoid the additional overhead of starting a secure connection with us, there is an option to default back to HTTP, although we recommend using secure connections whenever you can.

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