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One SLA definition is enough for most Uptrends users, but some companies maintain or monitor multiple SLAs with different minimum percentages, page load times, or Operator response times. To learn how to set up additional SLA definitions or modify the default SLA definition, visit the Setting up an SLA article. If you have your SLA definitions set up and you want to learn how to use multiple SLA definitions within your Uptrends account, you’re in the right place.

Uptrends calculates the SLA numbers/compliance for each SLA definition for each monitor in your account. There's no need to link certain monitors to certain SLA definitions, for you can view data for any monitors or monitor groups with any SLA definition applied. You can work within the default SLA Overview dashboard switching between definitions and monitors or monitor groups, or you can create custom SLA Overview dashboards for specific monitors or monitor groups and SLA definitions.

Note: If you see dashes and zeros instead of data in your SLA Overview report, your tile/dashboard settings have caused a conflict in the data resulting in invalid data. Learn more.

Switching between SLA definitions in the SLA Overview dashboard

Once you have created additional SLA definitions, you can choose which to view in your SLA Overview dashboard. To switch between SLA definitions:

  1. Select SLA overview from the SLA option on the main menu.
  2. Hover your mouse over the tile in the SLA overview to make a gear icon appear in the upper right corner of the tile.
  3. Select the gear icon   to access the tile settings menu.
  4. Click the field labeled SLA based on and select a different SLA definition.
  5. Click Set.

Your tile refreshes based on the changed SLA definition. If the SLA definition is new, you will most likely see dashes (-) instead of data. Uptrends calculates and stores the SLA data in real time after the creation of the definition. Since the SLA definition is new, the system does not have a complete dataset based on this new definition and the date/time settings, so the report displays a dash rather than display percentages based on an incomplete data set. Learn more.

Customized SLA overview dashboards

When working with multiple SLA definitions, you can create separate tiles based on different combinations of SLA definitions and monitors in a custom dashboard or create different custom dashboards based on different combinations of SLA definition and monitors or monitor groups.

Create a customized SLA overview dashboard

To make a custom SLA dashboard, you need to start with creating a custom dashboard or save a copy of the SLA Overview dashboard for customization.

Create a customized SLA overview dashboard

  1. Navigate to the SLA Overview from the SLA menu on the main menu.
  2. Hover over the tile and click the gear icon .
  3. Change the SLA definition (If using multiple definitions).
  4. Click the Groups and Monitors tab.
  5. Select either the monitor(s) or group(s) you would like to include for the custom dashboard.
  6. Click Set.
  7. Click the hamburger icon  on the Quick Access Menu.
  8. Click Save as.
  9. Give the new dashboard a descriptive name.
  10.   Click Save.

You now have a custom dashboard you can access from the Dashboards menu.

Create additional SLA tiles

Instead of creating multiple dashboards, you can also create a multi-view dashboard with tiles based on different combinations of SLA definitions, monitors, or monitor groups. Start by creating a copy of the Default SLA dashboard for your customization (See instructions above starting at step 7). To add tiles:

  1. Open your custom dashboard located in the My Dashboards section of the Dashboards menu.
  2. Click the hamburger icon  on the Quick Access menu.
  3. Click the Add tile button.
  4. Select Monitor data list from tile types.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select the monitors or monitor groups you want to use for this tile.
  7. Click Finish and the new tile is created.
  8. Hover over the new tile and click the gear icon  in the upper right corner of the tile.
  9. Click the SLA based on field to select a different SLA definition.
  10.   Check the boxes for the fields you would like displayed.
  11.  Adjust any other settings you would like.
  12.  Click Set.
  13.  Click Save on the Quick Access menu.

Add all the tiles you need.