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Setting up your SSL certificate monitor is similar to setting up a web page monitor. If you need help with the basics of setting up your monitors, the Uptrends Academy can show you how. To set up an SSL certificate monitor:

  1. Select +Add Monitor from Monitors on the Main menu.
  2. Select SSL Certificate from the Type box.
  3. Give your monitor a Name.
  4. Set the Check frequency.
  5. Select the Enabled and Generate alerts check boxes, if not already selected.
  6. Provide the URL for your website in the URL box.
  7. Fill in the SSL Certificate information you would like to track.
  8. Set the Expiration warning days to the number of days you would like to receive an alert before the certificate expires.
  9. Click Save.

With this basic setup, Uptrends will monitor your SSL certificate expiration date, monitor your certificate for any changes, and alert you to any availability issues. You can also monitor the page for load time and basic authentication using the Error conditions tab and the Advanced tab.