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Synthetic monitoring

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  • API Monitoring
    What is API monitoring and how can you use it?
  • Checkpoints
    Uptrends features a vast network of over 233 global monitoring checkpoints, which can be used to monitor your websites, servers, and web services so you can determine where a problem originates from. These external checkpoints help you protect the user experience outside your firewall. However, you may want to protect the internal user experience behind your firewall as well. For this task, Uptrends gives you the option to set up User-managed checkpoints yourself, based on a Docker installation and located inside your own network to run monitoring checks from there.
  • Concurrent Monitoring
    This is the start page for all info on Concurrent monitoring.
  • Full Page Check
    The Full Page Check monitor type is the most comprehensive monitor type. Each element is downloaded and loaded into a browser. The report displays your results in a detailed waterfall report.
  • Monitor management
    Monitors are at the heart of the Uptrends app. They are the place where you define which server, web service or website you want to monitor. Check out the article Adding monitors and the knowledge base chapter Monitor settings for information on the setup of monitors. Once you’ve set up some monitors you may need the following features to manage your growing pool of monitors: Organize your monitors in Monitor groups Quickly update a number of settings with Monitor templates
  • Monitor settings
    Each monitor has some general and more specific settings (depending on the monitor type). Check out which settings are available.
  • Monitoring results
    When running monitor checks there will be different types of results or reports depending on the type of monitor and your settings. The check details hold a lot of results and they exist for all monitors. However, some results may apply to a number of monitor types only, e.g. the waterfall exists for Full Page Check monitors as well as transaction monitors, but not in other monitor types. Metrics With the Core Web Vitals and W3C navigation timings you have two sets of metrics that are based on international standards.
  • Transaction monitoring
    Transaction monitoring, also known as web application monitoring, is used to check the correct functioning of user interactions on your website. The interaction could be a simple login or all the actions that are needed to purchase a product in your webshop. In order to monitor these user interactions you need to put them in a script that can be run again and again to check if everything still works as expected.
  • Uptime monitoring
    An overview on synthetic monitoring in ITRS Uptrends
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