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Monitoring Web Services

You may be familiar with Uptrends’ website monitoring and server monitor types, but Uptrends also supports monitoring the uptime of web services. Read on below to learn more…

Which Web Services are supported?

Uptrends supports REST, and SOAP, as well as any web services reachable through HTTP, HTTPS.

How do these Web Services work with Uptrends?

  • We monitor that the web service response is HTTP 200 OK, and measure resolve time/connection time, download time, and total time, just like HTTP(S) monitors
  • Web service monitoring also supports Basic Authentication, content checks, etc.
  • Most web service monitors will use HTTP POST settings to POST data to the server as part of the web service call
  • Typically SOAP services need an XML document (SOAP envelope) as POST data in the Request Body, as well as a specific HTTP header called SOAPAction.
  • Some web services require setting HTTP headers for content type

For example:

  • `Content-Type: application/json` if the POST data is JSON data
  • `Content-Type: text/xml` or application/xml if the POST data is XML (this is the default for webservice monitors, unlike regular HTTP(S) monitors)
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