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Multi-step API monitor hub

Note: This feature is only available when using the new app menu. Read more about the menu in the knowledge base article Main menu.

A Multi-step API (MSA) monitor can monitor your own APIs and third-party APIs. The Multi-step API monitor hub is the starting point for exploring all info around this monitor type.

Open the Multi-step API monitor hub by going to API > Explore API monitoring in the menu.

The hub contains a short definition and the key concepts for Multi-step API monitoring. In the sidebar you find links to relevant articles in the knowledge base.

From the API monitors card you can quickly reach a list of all the MSA monitors you have defined or add a new API monitor.

The API monitor status card tells you how many errors and alerts exist at the moment. Note that you may see more errors than alerts. The creation of alerts from errors depends on how you have set up alert definitions and whether they are active or not.

The hub also has information on:

  • the active API monitors (only monitors in staging or production mode)
  • your API credits balance, with the option to buy more credits
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