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Error conditions - W3C metric checks

The World Wide Web Consortium (or W3C for short) is an international organization, involved in developing standards for the world wide web. As such, it has defined a standard for browsers and web applications to generate and display timing information regarding the loading of webpages.

The monitor types using a browser type with extra metrics measure and report the W3C navigation timing metrics. These metrics are reported in the monitor check details and you can set error conditions on them. Conditions for W3C metrics are part of the Error conditions.

Note that different monitor types offer different error conditions. Check the table in Which error conditions are available? to find out which options are available for certain monitor types.

Define error conditions based on the W3C metrics

To define error conditions that use the W3C navigation timing:

  1. Go to Monitoring > Monitor setup.

  2. Click on the monitor’s name to edit it.

  3. Open the Error conditions tab.

  4. Expand the Check W3C metrics category by clicking the arrow in front.

    screenshot w3c metrics error condition

  5. Enable error conditions by ticking the check box and setting a value. Leave any metrics disabled that you don’t want to assign to an error condition.

  6. Click the Save button.

The W3C metrics

The W3C metrics that are measured by monitors with the browser type with extra metrics are explained in the knowledge base article W3C navigation timing metrics. The metrics correspond to the error conditions in the Check W3C metrics category. The only metric that is not present in that list of error conditions is the Load event. Find out in Load event error condition below how to set an error condition for this one.

Load event error condition

You might miss the W3C metric load event in the Check W3C metrics category of the error conditions. If you want to set an error condition on this metric, you can do so for Full Page Check monitors. Do the following:

  1. Open the monitor settings.
  2. On the Main tab, make sure that you chose the Browser type Chrome with extra metrics.
  3. On the Advanced tab in the Measurement section set the Base load time on to W3C load event.
  4. On the Error conditions tab set thresholds for the Check page load time.

The knowledge base article Error conditions - Page load time has more information about setting limits for load times.

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