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Download and use the transaction recorder

This article explains downloading and using the transaction recorder. If you want to try this out using a fictitious shop instead of your own (real) shop, take a look at the tutorial User journey in a shop.

Download the transaction recorder

The transaction recorder is a Chrome browser extension. If you’re unfamiliar, a browser extension is a small app that you can add to your Chrome browser to do certain things like manage passwords. In this case, it allows you to record the click-path for your transaction. The extension is simple to install, but if you need more help, Google has a course for you on installing and managing browser extensions.

  1. Open a Chrome browser window. You have to use Chrome.
  2. Go to the Chrome web store. The link takes you directly to the transaction recorder in the store, alternatively you may search the store for “Uptrends transaction recorder”.
  3. Click the Add to Chrome button. A pop-up window opens.
    screenshot Chrome pop-up add extension
  4. Click Add extension. Depending on your settings you may need to enable pop-ups for the Chrome web store.
  5. Notice the Uptrends logo to the right of the address bar in your Chrome browser after you’ve added the extension. screenshot Uptrends extension added

The transaction recorder is now ready to be used.

Using the transaction recorder

  1. Open a fresh Chrome browser and disable any auto-fill options you may have running. The recorder can’t see auto-filled text.

  2. Open the transaction recorder by clicking the Uptrends logo located to the right of the address bar. A new window opens with detailed instructions and important guidelines. screenshot transaction recorder start

  3. Read through the Quick start and Important guidelines before proceeding.

  4. Click the Start recording button at the top right.
    You may get a pop-up explaining that your window needs resizing. Allow the recorder to resize your window.
    A new browser window opens in front of the recorder window. screenshot start page

  5. Navigate to your starting page by entering the URL into the address bar of the recording start window.

  6. Click through your transaction to capture all the steps.

  7. Switch to the recorder window when you reached the end of your transaction.

  8. Review your script.
    You can remove unnecessary actions that the transaction recorder picked up as you clicked through the site. Remember, you can add steps, remove things, and define content checks using the step editor in your monitor’s settings, but you want your recording to be as clean as possible at this stage. If you feel you gathered too many extra clicks or other problems, you can always discard this recording and start over.

  9. Click the Stop recording button when you’re satisfied or if you want to start over.

  10. (Optional) If you want to redo the recording click Clear recording and follow the instructions above again.

  11. When you are happy with the transaction that you recorded, select Upload recording. screenshot recording button options

  12. Give your recording a name that will be used for the transaction monitor that is automatically created in your account. The name helps you to identify your monitor in the Monitor overview. You can always change the monitor name later. screenshot recording details

  13. Choose if you want to use self-service or full-service transactions. The options are:

    a) Let Uptrends Support stabilize this transaction for me - full-service transactions. Choose this if you want to send the recording to the support team to handle the scripting and testing for you.

    b) I’ll test and optimize this transaction by myself first - self-service transactions. Select this option if you prefer to handle things on your own. This option creates a new transaction monitor in your account. Remember, you can always get help if you need it.

  14. Include any information you or the scripting pro might need in the text field.

  15. Click Start upload to send the recording to the Uptrends Support team (full-service transaction) or create a new monitor in your account (self-service transaction). screenshot start upload

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