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Tutorial: User journey in a shop

The tutorial walks you through all the steps needed to set up a transaction monitor. The transaction example is a user journey in a fictitious shop (set up for testing purposes).

Start with Capturing the shopping cart user journey to record the transaction.

In case you find it difficult to complete all steps of the tutorial or if you just want to check your result, you can open the test script that has been prepared. You may use it as input for the testing of the script in the next part of the tutorial.

Once you have recorded the transaction script, do some testing and tweaking as described in Testing and editing your transaction script to make sure the script does what you expect from it.

After you’ve set up your transaction monitor using the steps above and have put it into production you will get monitoring data coming in at various places. Check out the explanations in Making sense of your transaction dashboards and reports to learn about which information is presented where.

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