The HTTPS monitor type checks for the availability of a web page secured by an SSL certificate. The monitor includes all of the checks and options you get with HTTP monitoring and in addition you get SSL certificate checking.

SSL certificate checks

Invalid and expired SSL certificate warnings turn away users. To prevent this situation turn on SSL certificate checks by activating Check SSL certificate errors on the Advanced tab of the HTTPS monitor.

Keep in mind that this is a simple check of the validity of an SSL certificate and its certificate chain. If you want more options, use an additional monitor of type SSL certificate to run further checks.

Note: The HTTPS monitor type will only download the HTML content of a page. It does not include any images, scripts, or interactive elements that the page may contain. If you need to check the complete content of a web page, we suggest you consider the Full Page Check monitor type.

Setting up an HTTPS monitor

If you want to learn how to set up an HTTPS monitor, please have a look at the article Adding an HTTP(S) monitor for a quick how-to.

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