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The Uptrends Vault gives you a secure place to store certificates and public keys along with the credentials needed for your transaction scripts. When you create a new transaction monitor using the Transaction Recorder or if Support converts an older monitor to the newer Self-Service Transaction monitoring format, Uptrends automatically places your sensitive data in the vault. Your script will access these vault items rather than having the sensitive values visible in the script or your reporting (learn more about how to use sensitive values in your script).

Default Authorizations/permissions used

The vault contains items that it stores in vault sections. Only those individual operators or operators in the included operator groups in the Authorizations tile of each vault section can access and modify vault items in the section.

New recordings and newly converted scripts have the default authorizations/permissions applied to the new automatically created vault section(s). The default permissions include the Administrators group and the sub-account's user group if applicable.

Newly uploaded recordings always get added to an automatically created vault section with the default authorizations unchanged. If you've changed the authorizations, the next upload makes a new section that uses the default permissions.

Note: to avoid multiple automatically generated sections, leave the authorizations set to the default and replicate vault items in a custom section and delete them from the automatically generated section.

Changing the default authorizations

You can modify the default permissions on any of your vault sections to make them more or less restrictive by including or excluding groups or operators.

  1. Navigate to Accounts > Vault.
  2. Click to open the section for which you would like to change the permissions.
  3. Click Delete next to any groups or operators for which you would like to remove all permissions.
  4. Click + Add authorization in the Authorizations tile to add groups or operators.
  5. Locate the group or operator and click the name to highlight them (see figure below).
  6. Set The Authorization level.
  7. Click Add.

Screenshot: Permissions dialog.