Mobile is everywhere, and testing transactions for desktop alone may not guarantee that your transactions work correctly for your mobile users. With Uptrends, you can use our Transaction Recorder to set up scripts for monitoring the mobile or responsive design version of your website by simulating a device's viewport. You simulate the device's viewport by using the mobile simulation mode in Chrome's developer tools. Here’s how.

  1. Start the Uptrends Transaction Recorder Chrome extension as you normally would, and a new browser window opens.
  2. Press the [F12] key to open the Chrome Developer Tools.
  3. Locate the Device Toolbar Toggle icon and click to enter device simulation mode.
    Location of Device Toolbar icon
  4. Adjust the device settings if necessary.
  5. Navigate to your mobile site.
  6. Click through your transaction, upload the recording, and submit your recording for review as usual.

Learn more about using Device Mode in your Chrome browser.