Our transaction scriptwriters make every attempt to review your transaction recordings and get your scripts set up as fast as possible (learn more about our Transaction Recorder and the review process in the Academy). To assist with keeping the scripts moving for everyone, we ask that you observe the following guidelines and restrictions in regards to submitting your transaction recordings for review.

Trial customers: We want you to have the best experience possible when trying out our Web Application Monitoring. Please feel free to make as many recordings as you would like, but you may only submit one recording for scripting and stabilization during your trial period.

Paid customers: We want to accommodate everyone as quickly as possible. To prevent any one customer from monopolizing the time of our script writers we limit paid accounts to have no more than three recordings up for review simultaneously.

We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding on why we need these guidelines, but we also know that sometimes you have perfectly good reasons why we need to make exceptions. Please work with your monitoring consultant to help us find a solution that works for you and take the needs of others into consideration.