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Feature request process and policy

We welcome your thoughts and ideas for features to expand Uptrends. We want to hear about them, and when possible, we try to accommodate feature requests. Unfortunately, we can’t honor every request, but you don’t know if we can incorporate your request until you ask.

Making a feature request

The first step in making a feature request is to open a support ticket. Make sure that you include all the details about the feature and include examples or use cases to illustrate your need for the feature. One of our support representatives is ready to listen and help you along.

First, our support personnel may ask for further information about the feature to determine if:

  • Development has already implemented the feature, but the feature works differently than you may have expected;
  • A workaround is already in place;
  • Development is already working on the feature;
  • Development has already determined that they can’t accommodate the requested feature.

If your feature request doesn’t fit one of the above conditions, a support representative will make sure the description has the detailed information the development team needs to evaluate your request properly. Once you and your support technician have worked out the details of your feature request, they will submit it to development.

I’ve made a feature request. Now what?

Once your request passes from support to development, the development team will evaluate your request based on the development roadmap. The roadmap includes the short- and long-term goals for the Uptrends product. The development team determines if and how your request fits into the roadmap. Your request will fall into one of four categories:

  1. Development has evaluated your request and decided that they will not develop the feature.
  2. Your feature request doesn’t currently fit in the Uptrends roadmap, but it may in the future.
  3. Your feature request fits the Uptrends roadmap.
  4. Development is developing or has developed your feature request.

If your request falls into category 1, we are very sorry that we can’t accommodate your request, and we will assist you in finding alternatives if possible.

If your request falls into categories 2 or 3, we will enter your submission in the feature request backlog where it waits until we can schedule it for development. Depending on the nature of the request, the feature may only sit in the backlog for a brief time, but if the feature requires significant changes to our current codebase or our developers need to make other changes first, the feature will have to wait an unspecified time before implementation.

If your request falls into category 4, it is time to celebrate! Your request hit the fast track to development, and your feature request is now available or will be shortly.

You closed my support ticket, but you haven’t implemented my feature request. Why?

For administrative reasons, we have to close your support ticket for feature requests. Just because we closed your ticket doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten about you and your request. We keep an active administration of who asked for which feature, and when your support ticket/feature request changes status, we will let you know. If necessary, we will request your help for testing.

We work continuously on our product. To see what features we’ve added to each release, you can always check our Change Log.

How do I check on the status of my request?

When possible, we notify you when your feature request changes status, but the easiest way is to check our Change Log periodically. Once implemented, we will announce the update in our Change Log. If you haven’t heard from us or the change hasn’t appeared in the Change Log, your feature request is still in the holding pattern (categories 2 and 3). Our developers love making our users happy, so believe us when we say the developers will get to your feature request as soon as possible. Until then, all we can do is wait, and opening additional tickets to check on the status of your request is not necessary.

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