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Uptrends Infra is our product for internal server monitoring. It uses the Uptrends Infra agent to monitor servers and network devices and collects and shows data in dashboards. More information is available in this overview on Uptrends Infra.

We are now introducing an integrated version of Uptrends Infra in a beta program.

What are the changes?

Uptrends Infra always was a standalone product. That changes now as Infra becomes an integral part of the Uptrends app.

The big advantage is that you will be able to do all your set-up, monitoring (internal and external) and viewing/reporting of data in one place.

How does it work?

With the first beta version, you can expect the following:

  • A new account or a change to your existing account is needed, depending on your current subscription:
    • No Uptrends or Uptrends Infra account: start a free trial for a subscription plan of your choice. You can begin using Infra within that account.
    • Uptrends account: if you want to try Uptrends Infra, request access to the beta program. Infra will be enabled within your existing account.
    • Uptrends Infra account: the beta account cannot be activated within an existing standalone Infra account. Contact us to discuss your options.
  • The new functionality is part of the new application menu. Also this new menu is available as a beta feature. If you would like to try Infra, you'll need to switch to the new menu to see the integrated Infra options.
    In the new menu go to Infra > Infrastructure > Try Infra to start a trial.
    Infra menu entry Try Infra
  • Until Infra is fully integrated, there will be menus to switch back and forth between the Uptrends app and the Uptrends Infra app. This option is needed for the setup, as long as not all functionality is integrated.
  • You can set up devices and sensors (switching to the Infra app).
  • You can set up alerting (switching to the Infra app).
  • A limited number of dashboards will be available within the Uptrends app.
  • More dashboards will be added in the future. These will be accessible through the Infra and the All dashboard popup.

How can I get the integrated Uptrends Infra?

Check out the beta programs page for more information on how we deal with beta features in our software.

Contact us  if you want to participate in the beta program. If you have questions or suggestions while trying out this new feature, please use the same contact options.