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Get checkpoint data in JSON or XML format

JSON or XML downloads of checkpoint data are available through our API. To view the full documentation for the API, please see this page.

You can use our API to request the lists of IPv4 or IPv6 addresses for all of Uptrends' checkpoints, including the upcoming addresses of changed or new checkpoints. Responses are available in both JSON and XML, depending on your Accept header.

We also offer simple lists of IPv4 addresses and IPv6 addresses to download.

All methods and links listed on this page yield a list of checkpoint IP addresses, which include upcoming addresses (as announced in our monthly checkpoint newsletter).

For a list of IPv4 addresses:

Send a GET request to https://api.uptrends.com/v4/Checkpoint/Server/Ipv4 with header Accept: application/json. No authentication is required.

If you’re using curl, an example would be:

curl -X GET -H "accept: application/json" https://api.uptrends.com/v4/Checkpoint/Server/Ipv4

Replace application/json with application/xml if you need an XML response.

For a list of IPv6 addresses:

Same as for IPv4, except the request should be sent to https://api.uptrends.com/v4/Checkpoint/Server/Ipv6 instead.

Tip: Instead of curl you can use a powershell Invoke-Webrequest.
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