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Downgrading your account

Your business’s needs change, and we get that. When your circumstance change, you sometimes need to upgrade or downgrade your monitoring plan. We maintain six different plans to accommodate all of the different business models and budgets. Of course, an upgrade opens up options to you, but downgrading means a peeling back of features you may have taken for granted.

Ramifications of downgrading: an example

When you begin dropping in plan levels, if your new plan doesn’t include the monitor type or features included in your current plan, downgrading the plan means that you will have to remove the monitors and additional features from your account along with any data. Let’s look at an example.

A downgrade from the Business plan to the Premium plan may have the following consequences:

  • Monitors deleted: You need to remove any Full Page Check, Transaction, and Multi-step API monitors or basic monitors over the new limit of 50.
  • Operators removed: You need to remove any additional operators over four (unless you arrange to buy additional operators).
  • Custom Dashboards deleted: You’ll need to delete your custom dashboards.
  • Restricted checkpoint options: The system restricts your monitoring checkpoints to fixed regional sets.
  • Alert definitions deleted: Leaving only one, you need to delete your alert definitions. If any of your remaining monitors used the deleted definitions, you will not get alerts until you update your remaining alert definition to include all of your monitors.
  • Data deleted: You lose access to historical data older than one year and log files older than 30 days.
  • Feature loss: You will no longer have access to error screenshots, scheduled reports, and third-party element monitoring.
  • Fewer support options: Limited to e-mail support.

Of course, that is only one example, and your situation may result in fewer or more changes to your monitors and features.

Steps for downgrading your account

We suggest that before you downgrade your plan, you follow these steps:

  1. Carefully compare the plans on our pricing page.
  2. Contact your monitoring consultant about the change you would like to make to explore your options.
  3. Download any historical data you would like to keep.
  4. Delete any monitors that your new plan no longer allows including any monitors over the new plans allowed quantity (if the new plan allows you to purchase additional basic monitors, arrange this with your monitoring consultant before downgrading)
  5. Remove any operators above your desired plan’s allowed quantity. You can buy additional operators if the plan doesn’t include the quantity you need. Arrange for additional operators before downgrading your plan.
  6. Delete any extra alert definitions if you are downgrading to the Starter or Premium plans. You may keep one (make sure you add all of your active monitors to this remaining alert definition otherwise you will not get alerts).
  7. Contact your monitoring consultant when you are ready to make the downgrade.

The steps above are designed to help you through the process, and make sure you’re aware of all the changes you need to make for the downgrade to occur and to make sure your monitoring and alerts go on uninterrupted.

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