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In order to collect monitoring data inside your network, you need to install Uptrends Infra's agent software. Typically, the agent software is installed on a server, but it can also run on a desktop PC or even a laptop, if you want to do some testing.

Monitoring on Windows and Linux

The agent software is available for both Windows and Linux. Typically, you start with one agent on a single machine (either Linux or Windows), and start monitoring that device itself, and perhaps other devices.

This is possible because one single agent can monitor multiple devices inside your network. As long as you have one agent (which automatically monitors itself), you can monitor other Windows servers and workstations, Linux servers and workstations, routers, printers, and other devices in your network.

Note: the agent requires network access to domains and* on port 443 (HTTPS) in order to register and communicate successfully. See our article on IP addresses for whitelisting for a complete overview.

Multiple agents

You can install multiple agents as well. If your network security or physical setup prevents your servers from connecting to each other, the best option is to install an agent on each server, so they can monitor themselves and collect their data independently. There is no limit to the number of agents you can install in your account: feel free to run any number and combination of Windows and Linux agents; there is no extra cost for this. In a Windows network, it's even possible to automatically install the agent on a network using Active Directory.

External monitoring without an agent

Even if you don't have an agent installed, you can still use Uptrends Infra. While we cannot collect any data from inside your network that way, you can still use Uptrends' external network to perform website monitoring from outside your network.