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Catchpoint offers a great monitoring solution but its complexity can ultimately be costly. Uptrends’ monitoring solutions are priced to offer more value to our customers than our competitors. Make the switch from Catchpoint and we’ll give you a 30% discount just for trying!

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Dashboard monitoring overview of performance, load times, uptime and errors
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Lower costs, terrific value without compromise

Uptrends doesn’t cut corners when it comes to delivering superior monitoring products at tiered pricing schedules tailored to meet the needs of your organization. Our monitoring packages are scalable, offering several cost-effective options without compromising quality.

Catchpoint delivers comprehensive monitoring services to its customers but at a price starting in the many tens of thousands of dollars, per user, per year. Uptrends also offers many of the same features and services, but at a price point not set exceedingly high when it comes to arriving at the intersection of cost versus value.

Uptrends doesn’t charge extra for its 233 global checkpoints, retest on errors, error snapshots - no hidden costs!

Uptrends dashboard for synthetic monitoring of uptime, step timing and load times

Record your transactions with a better UI

Over 2/3 of the world uses Google Chrome as their internet browser, which is why Uptrends’ Transaction Recorder is a Chrome browser extension to monitor shopping carts, payment providers, forms, logins and more.

Both Uptrends’ and Catchpoint’s Transaction Recorder use a Selenium-based Chrome extension that allows you to capture, automate, and replay multi-step transactions. But comparisons stop there. Uptrends designed the most intuitive UI for you to easily record transactions in the browser yourself and edit them afterwards in your account.

Transaction Recorder interface where transaction steps are recorded
“My experience with Uptrends has been great! They saved us money over AlertSite, and customer support has been excellent!”
Jason Vculek, Senior IT Administrator at Nelnet

Pricey doesn’t equal better performance

There may be lots of benefits to monitoring your applications using SaaS monitoring providers like Catchpoint, which can be convenient to some, but can also be very costly, restricting and frustrating to some IT teams used to implementing changes themselves — not to mention monitoring fees and licensing can get confusing fast.

Uptrends monitoring offers a reliable cost-effective way to satisfy end users, DevOps teams, and IT decision makers alike. Monitor from hundreds of nodes around the world. Receive alerts on dozens of popular integrations. Ready to engage?

Custom dashboards with uptime and performance checks from global checkpoints worldwide

Catchpoint users, give Uptrends a try

Still on the fence about making the switch from Catchpoint to Uptrends? How about test driving Uptrends free for 30 days with no obligation? Then, let Uptrends’ team of performance experts guide you toward delivering a seamless, pain-free migration.

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