Managing maintenance periods

Maintenance periods are time windows you define for a specific monitor in order to suppress monitoring and/or alerting. This is useful if you’re planning maintenance for your web platform, which would cause false positives in your alerting. You can create maintenance periods for individual monitors, or use the monitor template feature to define one or more maintenance periods and copy them to groups of monitors.

However, planned maintenance sometimes gets rescheduled, which means you need to update your maintenance periods in Uptrends. Until recently, there was no convenient way to find out which maintenance periods already existed in your account, aside from inspecting each monitor individually.

You can now use the new Maintenance periods option in the Monitors menu to review all maintenance periods. By default, maintenance periods are shown for the All monitors group, but you can narrow this filter to specific monitors or groups. You can also open up the tile settings in the overview to zoom in on a specific time period (e.g. all maintenance periods for next month). After selecting the right filters, you can use the Delete button to remove all maintenance periods for the selected monitors and selected time period. Additionally, the Clean up button lets you get rid of all maintenance periods that are in the past.

Lastly, if you’re inspecting a maintenance period of a specific monitor, you can select the corresponding periods for all other monitors by using the new Select similar periods link. This lets you jump straight into the list of periods if you want to remove them.

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