Responsive design and mobile device testing in transactions

When you’ve recorded a transaction script to test user scenarios in a browser, you want the test circumstances to be as close to the end-user’s experience as possible. These circumstances include the size of the browser window (test your site in large, maximized browser windows, but also on smaller screens, and everything in between) and different device types (desktop browsers vs mobile/touch devices).

Uptrends' new transaction technology, which lets you build and test your own transaction scripts, now also includes browser window size settings to test responsive designs for desktop browsers, and device simulation settings to test your site for mobile/touch devices. You can pick predefined or custom window sizes, set user agent values, or choose from a wide range of mobile devices, including iOS and Android devices, for mobile simulation testing. Bandwidth throttling options are also available.

These options are now available for Full Page Check monitors and Transaction monitors. For more information, please look at the mobile website monitoring page.

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