File uploads in transactions

Transaction monitoring offers a rich set of actions you can use to interact with the browser: clicking on buttons, typing text, scrolling the page, checking content - even creating screenshots.

One important action was still missing: the ability to upload files. Thankfully, that’s now possible!

It works in the following way: you can upload the appropriate file(s) to the vault first. Use the vault item type “File” to indicate you’re storing a file in the vault. Then, inside your transaction definition, use the Set command pointing to the file upload element on your page. The Set command lets you point to an item in the vault - choose the file item you just stored there, and your file upload should run smoothly!

Please note that when you create a transaction recording using the Recorder tool, it will capture the file upload action, but not the file itself. You will have to go into the vault yourself to provide us with the appropriate file. After you upload your recording, you’ll see the Set command that corresponds to your recorded file upload. Just change its value to the file from the vault, and you’re good to go.

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