Custom integrations Error type ID

Integrations are used to notify a person or system, when an alert was generated by one of your monitors. An integration can be a simple e-mail or an SMS or one of the predefined system integrations, like for Slack or PagerDuty. Or you can send out a customized message to another third-party system.

The information that is available in the Uptrends app is sent to the third-party system using system variables. When you compose the message in your custom integration, you will add those system variables. The details of how to do this are explained in the KB article Setting up a custom integration.

There were already many system variables available, as described in the KB article above. However, one piece of info was missing that has been added now: the Error type ID.

The error type ID is a code (4-digit number) that is Uptrends specific. You can find a list of error types (with ID and explanation) in the KB article Error types. A common error type ID is “3002”, which relates to an HTTP connect failure.

When composing the body of your request, insert the variable as {{@alert.errorTypeId}}.

For example, one line in the request body could be: {"Error type ID": "{{@alert.errorTypeId}}" }

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