Restricting APIv3 usage for newer accounts

For some time now, we’ve supported two versions of our API, which our customers can use to manage various aspects of their account and retrieve monitoring information. Recently, we’ve begun the process of phasing out the older of the two versions, our API version 3. As an early step in this process, we will no longer allow access to version 3 of our API for accounts created after February 10th 2021. Instead, the newer version (v4) must be used.

Accounts created before this date will still be able to access version 3 of our API for some time, but it’s worth mentioning that version 4 has a far more extensive set of features, and we’d generally recommend switching over as soon as possible. The deprecation of version 3 will be announced well in advance, allowing for enough time to prepare a switch to version 4.

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