Checkpoint API to display upcoming IP addresses

Our checkpoint network is constantly evolving - whether it is by the addition of completely new checkpoints, new machines to existing checkpoints, or replacing current machines, the IP addresses used by the checkpoints may change from time to time. The checkpoint API allows users to retrieve up-to-date checkpoint data, such as IP addresses, which can then be used to automate whitelisting necessary for monitoring setups for example. Previously, we notified our users of upcoming changes to IP addresses in the checkpoint network only through the checkpoint newsletters, sent via email. That meant that in some cases, checkpoint IP addresses could change before users had had the chance to react, which could potentially lead to unnecessary errors.

As of this update, however, we’ll include upcoming IP addresses in the checkpoint API response (simply as part of the list of IP addresses for each checkpoint). That way, if you automate your whitelisting, upcoming changes will be automatically picked up, and obsolete addresses will be automatically removed from the list.

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