Alternative monitor names for Public Status Pages

You can use Public Status Pages to share your websites' status information with internal or external teams who do not otherwise need access to the account. They’re a simple means to provide an easy overview of the current status of various monitors in your account, sorted by monitor name.

Those monitor names may not always be suitable for the public, however - for example, it could be that you’re using an internal coding system to indicate which monitor check which resource, but that may not necessarily make much sense to people outside your team. As of this update, we now support the option to give ‘friendly’ names to monitors which will be displayed in your public status page.

You can set this up by specifying a custom field in the options of the monitor(s) shown on the public status page (see our guide on Including custom data for information on how to do that). Give the custom field a recognizable name (like PspName, for example), and set its value to be the name for the monitor as it should be displayed on the public status page.

In the settings for your public status page, you can now configure a Custom name field, which should correspond to the name of the custom field in the monitor settings. That way, the public status page will display the value for that field rather than the regular name of the monitor.

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