Default monitor group

To make working with monitor permissions easier, we’ve added the option to assign a Default monitor group. The default monitor group can be assigned to any monitor group in the account, and it is the group to which new monitors are automatically added after being created.

The benefit of this is that these new monitors, as well as any existing monitors you decide to add, will be automatically part of a monitor group other than All monitors. That means you can assign permissions to this group, that don’t necessarily apply to every monitor in the account. For example, if you wish for your operators to have viewing permissions for all but a few monitors in your account, that permission can be assigned to the default monitor group rather than the All monitors group (since those monitors can be removed from the default group, but cannot be removed from the All monitors group).

You can find the default monitor group setting in your Account settings (located under Account setup in the sidebar menu - only available for Enterprise-level accounts).

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