Checkpoint filtering on dashboard tiles

We’ve implemented a new checkpoint filter for the tile types Simple data list, Simple data chart, Checkpoint data list, Checkpoint data chart, Multicheckpoint list, Multicheckpoint chart, and Monitor log. This enables you to filter checks performed on specific checkpoints for monitors and monitor groups and display them on a (custom) dashboard. This makes it possible, for example, to place measurements from one set of checkpoints next to another set of measurements from other checkpoints. For each tile in a dashboard, you’ll be able to view a different checkpoint selection.

Go to menu Dashboards. Select a dashboard. Open a tile’s three-dot menu to access the settings. You’ll find the checkpoints selection on the tab Checkpoints.

Two exceptions apply: Full Page Check metrics and the ‘hour of day’ time grouping. When one of them is selected along with a checkpoint filter Uptrends will show a warning.

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