Multi-step API monitor: Base64 encoding/decoding and Hash function

There are already many automatic variables available for the Multi-step API monitor.

We have added functionality now to encode or decode data by applying the Base64 scheme. Use the following notations:

{{@Base64Encode(<data to encode>)}}

{{@Base64Decode(<data to decode>)}}

If we take the word “data” as an example and process it with these functions you’ll get the following results:

{{@Base64Encode(data)}} returns ZGF0YQ== as value

{{@Base64Decode(ZGF0YQ==)}} returns data as value

We also added the type Hash to user-defined functions to encode data. You can choose from a number of hash algorithms, when adding a hash function:

screenshot user-defined functions in step

Read Using your functions if you want to learn more about using the hash (and other) functions that you define yourself.

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