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Monitor your website in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

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Real Browser Monitoring

The real thing: No simulations, but real browsers

You can choose from two different browsers to monitor your website in. We spin everything from an authentic bowser, so you’re getting authentic results. No simulations here!

Measuring performance with different browsers

Google Chrome

About 60% of internet users worldwide use Google Chrome. Optimize for all screen sizes, and see how your site performs in a real Chrome browser.


For many Edge is their default web browser. For the best compatibility make sure that your site loads quickly and cleanly in the latest versions of Edge.


Detailed waterfall charts to prove your points

Detailed waterfall charts help you to understand why your site is slow. View page load times, element sizes, and http headers for individual assets in a web page.

Waterfall charts

Catch all website elements

A webpage could generate hundreds or even thousands of pieces of data. Inspect every single one with a waterfall chart.

Are scripts slowing down my site?

Third party scripts and other elements could be slowing you down. Get a detailed look of each element’s load time to see where the problems are.

Drill into your site’s conditions at any given time

Look at the cookies, user agent, and other information that the browser was showing when an error occurred.

Stay in control over site elements

Are you aware how many different things your website is trying to load at once? Stay in control over your site elements, by monitoring the maximum number of bytes your site downloads.

Get an in-depth view into your browser-side web application

Achieve a clearer picture of the problems that are affecting your users by seeing exactly what happens in the browser, just as your users do.

The full package

Experience the power of Uptrends Website Monitoring

Gather website metrics across different browsers in about every major city throughout the world. Pinpoint errors and analyze load times in your customized Uptrends environment.

View browser performance from 233 locations

Your users are all over the world, so you need to be too. Monitor your website from our network of checkpoints on 6 continents.

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