CPU monitoring from the Cloud

Uptrends Infra delivers a comprehensive range of options for CPU monitoring and data retrieval for all your network devices. With our Cloud-based software and the Infra agents, you can monitor the CPU loads of your servers, routers, workstations and other network devices. If a specific device supports it, Uptrends Infra can even monitor deep metrics such as CPU temperature. Moreover, thanks to our customizable dashboards you can quickly and easily review the CPU sensor data and the behavior of your devices. Uptrends Infra combines all this capability into one central environment, and you will have access to that environment whenever you want it. So, you will always be able to spot unexpected conditions, quickly resolve them and prevent the occurrence of failures in your network.

Why should you monitor a CPU?

High server CPU loads are generally indicative of unusual, problematic conditions. When a server’s processor or processors are working at utilization levels of 80% to 90%—most likely due to software problems, slow disk access, high network latency or getting access to other resources—the applications or files hosted on the server can become very slow or entirely unresponsive. The results, which include network failures and overheated components, are always detrimental to your overall performance.

Other performance lapses consequent with high CPU utilization in your router during traffic spikes can indicate infections or intrusions. Uptrends Infra helps to prevent such issues by constantly monitoring your CPU performance data. Whenever a problem occurs, you and your selected team will be alerted. Uptrends Infra will contain exactly the data you need to resolve the issue and prevent a recurrence. Again, our technology is comprehensive. It lets you monitor your system devices even as it monitors the network for any potential interference.

Monitor CPU temperature

Uptrends Infra’s full support for CPU temperature monitoring extends to the specific hardware in your configuration. For example, if your router provides temperature data through SNMP, you can easily set up a CPU temperature sensor and immediately monitor it. Even if the device does not offer that capability, you can still prevent your processor from overheating. Simply set up an alert threshold for your CPU load, and Infra will alert you in the event of a temperature-related issue. Remember, temperature is intrinsic to the CPU load, so this aspect of system performance should not be ignored. With Uptrends Infra, the control of CPU temperature will be well within your domain.

CPU monitoring for Windows and Linux

Uptrends Infra supports CPU monitoring on Windows servers and other Windows devices, using SNMP and WMI to acquire CPU load, temperature and other metrics. Of course, you can also monitor other aspects such as ping, disk space and network usage. Our software supports CPU monitoring on Linux machines too, and all with the convenience you expect from Uptrends. Simply install our Linux agent and set up the CPU sensor.

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