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Disk Space Monitoring

Track your disk space availability and hard disk usage

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Uptrends Infra provides a lot of options and functionalities for monitoring disk space, which is a critical element for the continuous performance of your network. With our disk space sensor you can keep track of disk space availability and hard disk usage from all the devices within your network.

Why you should monitor disk space availability

There are many processes that automatically write data to your hard disks like automatic updates, the usage of CRM software or the logging of usage data. This could potentially lead to a lack of disk space availability which has several consequences. Actively monitoring your free disk space can prevent data loss, server downtime and failures by being alerted on time when disk space availability is beyond specified critical thresholds.

Disk space monitor for Windows and Linux

Uptrends Infra is capable of monitoring hard disk usage from both Windows and Linux devices. For Windows devices we use WMI to retrieve the right metrics and shows the total amount of free space and the free space as a percentage. For retrieving the hard disk usage data from Linux devices we use SNMP or SSH.

Uptrends Infra Disk Space Monitor

You can specify thresholds and receive alerts when those thresholds are crossed. With Uptrends Infra you are able to keep track of hard disk usage of your web servers, application servers, file servers and much more. Our customizable dashboards provide you all the information in a central place, which allows you to respond quickly to critical situations and protect your network from failures and other problems. Specify the thresholds to your own needs and standards, customize your alerts and make sure your network runs smoothly and keep it that way. Of course our support team is always available to help you with custom solutions.

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